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Rabindra Nath & Tripura

Rabindranath who immortalized Tripura

It was in 1289 0f Bengali era, the seed of a heavenly relationship was being sown. The then ruler of Tripura state,Maharaja Birchandra Manikya just bereaved of the queen was in a state of deep grief. Bhagnahriday, a poetical compostition of a budding poet Rabindranath Tagore came as a healing touch. The Maharaja bestowed the title of Kavi on Rabindranath for this beautiful work. Since then the friendship between Rabindranath and the royal family of Tripura continued to cvolve to reach an enviable height during the later years. “….This unexpected turn of the event has taken the budding poet by surprise” this was how Rabindranath reacted to the felicitation given by Birchandra. Afterwards through the meetings in Kolkata, at Karshiang when Birchandra fell ill, discussion on Indian classical music literature culture Baishnav philosophy and padabali literature at length and so on the acquaintance got cemented gradually.

At the death of Birchandra, Bengali literature was widely affected as he had conceived many literary plans with Rabindranath which remained unimplemented. One of these was publication of a valuable compilation of Baishnav padabali. After that also the relationship moved ahead for the better. At one point after the death of Birchandra Rabindranath thought that “…..With this death my friendship with the royal family comes to an end interestingly that was not to happen Maharaja Radha kishore has let the love and admiration for the young poet remained.

The all family on the front of age between Radha Kishore and the poet facilitated the growing closeness further. The contribution of to buddies to the renaissance of the Bangal and India is still not forgotton. The history of thesefriendship has been recorded in every page of the book titled. Rabindranath O Tripura published on the occasion of Rabindranath birth ceremony.

On the invitation of Radha Kishore, Ranbindranath, landed in Agartala for the first time in 1306 of Bengali era. The dais for according a grand reception to the poet through Basanta Utsav was erected on the model of Tong Ghar of the tribes on the hillock of Kunjaban. In this function Basanta Ras Nritya was presented by the Monipuri artist Mesmerized by Ras Nritya the poet contemplated of creating a new dance form and thus came into being the Rabindranritya. In the later year the Manipuri dance teachers of the royal family were hired to train in Manipuri dance at Shantiniketan. In fact it was the intricated aure of Manipuri dance that acted as the catalyst for grooming the delicate Rabindranritya. After the Rabindranath visited Tripura six times on the invitation of letters kings and every time he was charmed by the hospitality of the state. The lavish donation from the royal exchequer immensely helped him to build his dream project Shantiniketan. Shantiniketan and residential school. Whenever Shantiniketan and hisschool were about to close in want of fund the royal family of Tripura didn’t disappoint him. Till Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya, the kings of Tripura continued to help him with financial and moral support.

Was it just for Shantiniketan? Maharaja Radhakishore Manikya came forward to help Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose in his research work by extending financial assistance. The king Radhakishore saved an amount out of the fund allocated for his son Birchandra Kishore Manikya’s weddingRadhakishore did not went to make it public that he compromised on the pomp and grandeur of the ceremony to make that research a success. Jagadish Chandra received assistance for both of his researches on life and physical science. During those days on the request of Rabindranath sapling of muli bamboo used to be sent from Tripura for his research work.

On the other hand, Rabindranath would always be concerned with the issues of royal administration. He had given advices on many administrative and welfare matters of Tripura from time to time. On the request of the kings he had selected several officers from Kolkata for the royal administration. He has immortalized Tripura through his works like Rajarshi, Bisarjan and Mukot. On the verge of last day on his 80 birthday received the last honour of his life Bharat Bhaskar again from Maharaja Bir Bikram.


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